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Bars & Bells was born out of our love for health and fitness and a passion to help and other people on there path to enjoy better lifestyles to include fitness and relationships with food. Here at Bars & Belles we understand that life isn’t easy, often health and fitness can take a back seat. We’re also aware that exercise isn’t always the starting place for everyone. We pride ourselves on getting to know you, your habits, mind-set and create exercise that you’ll enjoy and works for your body.

Taking you on your


Looking for a coach to work with you on changing your life and mind-set? You’re absolutely in the right place!

Taking you on your


Looking for a coach to work with you on changing your life and mind-set? You’re absolutely in the right place!

Making it personal

Just for you

Our Bars & Bells is yours Bars & Belles too, its personalised to you and your goals.
Lisa SimsonFebruary 2023
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I have just returned to Bars & Belles after a little break, I had been going there for 18 months previously. I can not recommend this place & Vicki highly enough. As a larger lady in her 40s this place is best, inclusive of all abilities & absolutely no judgement! Her classes are fun, lively & full of laughter. Such a friendly welcoming environment it doesn’t feel like you’re working out although the aches after tell me different. The best thing I ever did for me was walking through those doors!!
Renay JacobsJanuary 2023
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I found Vicky at Bars and Belles 18months ago I have nothing but praise for her and the community she has developed at the Studio. Initially I was looking for Kettlebell Classes but I hopped on to a Transformation Programme and I am still attending 2-3xs a week despite a 50min round trip. I have attended 1:1 PT, Group PT & Classes. ALL sessions are intelligently planned and varied. Vicky welcomes and encourages you to work on your own GOALS and progressions all you have to do is ask. Vicky's energy is contagious and individual focus is given on every client no matter what the session. Vicky is meticulous about 'form' which is so important when working with weights. I never imagined lifting 'HEAVY' would be my thing but my strength has dramatically improved and I love it. Weather your looking for classes, PT sessions or both Vicky at Bars and Belles is knowledgeable, experienced and truly cares about her clients, the studio is vibrant, has a supportive community where everyone is welcomed there are NO egos here! Go check it out.......
Carol CampbellJanuary 2023
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Absolutely great. Been going here for a 9 months now , great selection of classes for all abilities, also drop in sessions for gym which I really like, the sessions are varied everytime you go so you never get bored of it and are very motivational.
Vicky is a great personal trainer and makes you believe that anything is possible .
Love it , would highly recommend , no feeling at all of feeling intimidated by people in the gym. All clients of Vicki's that I have met have been warm and welcoming.
N JaneJanuary 2023
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I highly recommend Vicky at Bars and Belles, I have been going to her classes for 3 months and can say I have enjoyed everyone of them. She offers a varied, well planned and motivated classes, her wealth of knowledge is amazing and you are always given a warm welcome.
Dionne BartonDecember 2022
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Amazing personal trainer, great location and equipment very motivating, great classes too accommodates every one and age this is a must visit
CatDecember 2022
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Small groups, great atmosphere, and a trainer who works with you to get what need and want from a session. So happy to have found this gem in Buntingford!
Ella Pear-ClarkDecember 2022
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I started going to Bars & Belles having never stepped foot in a gym before; seven months later, and I couldn't be without it. Vicky does an amazing job of making you feel at ease while working on your personal goals. As someone who knew nothing about fitness, I was never made to feel stupid or inadequate. It is clear that Vicky works hard to get to know her clients well and tailors each session, be it a drop-in PT or 1-to-1, to suit their ability and goals. She is so motivational, always celebrating the little wins with you as well as the big ones. Since joining, I have grown in confidence as well as strength. I’m not being dramatic when I say that going to Bars & Belles has changed my life.

Meet Vicky


I started this company following a long journey of finding myself again after life changing circumstances which presented me with difficult times.


I used fitness as a focus and found that despite what was happening around me I could channel all my negative energy into something very positive. Not only did it make me feel good physically, but also mentally I was able to cope better. The by-product of this is that I started to look great and in turn, feel even more confident.

Once I had mastered the basis of mind set and created good habits around life style, food and fitness I tried various types of training and exercise until I found something that I loved.

I changed the way I ate, I changed the way I trained and in-turn completely changed my lifestyle. These changes lead me to being coached in the fitness world by Show Girls Fitness

I soon found myself considering taking on the challenge of stepping on stage to compete in Bikini Fitness. After a short period of being coached by Show Girls Fitness, I competed in my first ever competition and walked away with a respectable 3rd place in the UKBFF Masters Bikini Fitness Class.

I went on to take 1st place at the UKBFF National championship, where I qualified for the British Championships, quite an achievement in only a short space of time.

Whilst doing all this, I found that others were keen to learn about how I trained, what I ate and the dedication involved, especially whilst being a busy mum of 2 and running a business alongside it.

My life changing experiences saw the breakdown of my marriage, which in-turn meant I had to step away from the job I had done for the past 17 years. I decided now was the time to do what I love and help others achieve their goals through fitness and wellbeing. With my positive and motivating attitude, the drive to be the best that I can along with over 10 years of knowledge and experience, this was my destiny.

Get motivated...


Feeling motivated by my own personal story of change and motivation, take the bull by the horn and get in touch to change your life.
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